Alrightie.. this is where I’m supposed to tell you all about me. Or what I like. Or don’t like. Or with me a whole bunch of each.


Boston Terriers, especially those named Haynesworth or Sheeba. I miss Bruce and Sammy.
Supernatural: Two words:  Jensen Ackles.
Most Ice Creams, but I guess Mint Chocolate Chip will be my all-time fave.
Aerosmith, with my life-long crush on Joe Perry still firmly intact.
Tennessee Titans Football. And I love the Defensive Line the best.
Art. I don’t think I can go even one day without doing something creative.  It may not always be “good”, but it is creative!
Big Bang Theory. My gosh, that show makes me laugh out loud every episode.
Vera Bradley accessories.  Hip, fun, happy designs.  This is a good thing.
Yellow Box flip-flops.  Thank you to Vicki for getting me hooked!


Mean People.
Liver and Onions.
Summertime Colds.
Snootiness. Nobody has the right to look down on another.
Tequila. Tastes like what I imagine charcoal tastes like.



My Family, which includes:
My Husband.
My three kids, Aaron, Natalie, and Emma.
My Baby Cousin.
My Loyal Friends.
Regan, Gabriella, and Xander.
Haynesworth Steele and Sheeba Renee Steele.

Purses. ALL Purses. Really, it’s an addiction.  Of course, it is a WELL FOUNDED addiction:

Baby Me and Purse

Yes, this is me at around age 3.  With purse and wallet very handy.  I miss that purse.  Wonder where it went…..?

3 responses »

  1. Andi says:

    Dude… Food Network is all I watch! It’s the way to go. =D

  2. Woaf says:

    OMG! I’ve never seen this, you are soo cute! Even then you were assesorizon!

  3. Fossie says:

    LOL. Thanks Woaf. That made me smile.

    Andi – I KNOW! It rocks!

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