So, I’ve had two close-call things happen to me in twenty-four hours, and I am very glad they both worked out.

First, I had to take my vehicle in for warranty work yesterday. They said all was fine. Well, I left the dealership, went to the bank and then to work. The truck stayed parked for several hours. When I got in to leave, it wouldn’t start. I called the dealership who, while they sympathized, reminded me that I had no warranty left on getting a tow truck, and could they call one for me (even though I’d be paying for it)? After deciding no, I called Mr. Steele, who came and rescued me by wiggling some wires. POOF, I was on the road again!…

…for about three minutes. As I’m driving along, I literally feel things go wrong. Blessedly, I was able to get it to the side of the road, whereupon I called both my husband and the dealership. Yes, again. This time, the dealership was like, “oh, well let us call you a tow truck” but somehow the tone had changed. So, husband arrives, tow truck arrives, we take truck to dealership and go home.

I receive a call from the dealership to let me know that when doing the work yesterday, the tech didn’t replug my ignition switch wire – or something like that – and it caused my truck to die as I was driving. Hmm. Well, okay, I’m all about forgiveness; we all make mistakes.

So far, all is well. I didn’t even have to pay the towing fee, since it was their error. They took great care of me, for which I am thankful.

Then, the second – less dramatic – close call was that I had forgotten my password to the ol’ blog here. No biggie, I decide…I’ll just do the “reset password” thingy. And I did, and it sent me a lovely email which said, “to change your password click on the following address:”…AND THERE WAS NO ADDRESS to click on! YIKES!

But, as you can see, after many attempts of typing about 50 potential passwords, I’m back at it! WOOT!

Well, it is now time for me to get ready to head in to the office. My boss is a real doll for letting me work from home today, PLUS I have Youth from 6-7:30 tonight, so I kinda gotta head out.

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