Yes, I know. I have a blog. A very out of date one. There are times when I’ll post something every day for a few weeks, then check in a month after that, and then, well, here we are, a year later.

Oh how life has changed. Since I last checked in, I have completely gotten over the friendship that I lost (she says with as much bluster as she can manage) and have moved on without looking back (as she lies through her teeth.) But what’s a girl to do? He got married to someone who hates me, so goodbye old friend, hello new opportunities! (Yes, I still miss the boy. But the ball is in his court. I’m just over here doing my thing…)

And what is my thing these days? Wow, where do I start…

I guess the biggest change is that I am not at the graphic design job at the manufacturer anymore. Nope, I am now following a life-long-yet-thought-the-dream-was-dead goal of being a Youth Director! There are about 8 in my 5th and 6th grade group, and about 15 in the Youth group. All amazing, energetic, inquisitive, and darling kids. Really, no snarkyness or anything…they really are a great group! So, perhaps the blogglings should be changed to ADVENTURES IN YOUTH DIRECTING…nah, let’s leave that to the seasoned YD’s! I’m just gonna go on and post random things as they come along. After all, that’s what the blogglings are all about!

About Tracey

Not much to tell, but stick around surely something will come up!

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