Well, so much for keeping this “up to date”…

So, let’s work from what’s on my mind currently and head backwards to cover what’s going on.


This week brought strep to yours truly.  The strep itself is annoying, yes, but it was compounded by:

1. The guys I work with have been sick with some kind of sinus thingy.
2. The way things are going at work, I cannot take off to recuperate.

So, with being run down from the strep, my defenses were down and I think I caught what the boys have.


But since this is Memorial Day weekend, I have had a chance to SLEEP and catch up.  And good lord the insanity around me.  There were several random acts of vandalism in Jonesboro last night; Fed-Ex Office got trashed and Doc Whybrew’s office got the front plate glass window smashed out. Also, a friend’s family member was in a bad car wreck wherein her ankle, shoulder, femur, and neck were all broken.  She’s in a lot of pain now, but the outlook is good so far. And then the ex called, which always stresses me out.  I dunno, ever since the canoe trip from hell, Memorial Day has usually brought pet deaths, big fights, and general mayhem.  I plan on staying in the house for most of the day tomorrow.


Well, since the economy has tanked, manufacturing has tanked.  I know that the powers that be are doing everything they can to turn things around.  But when your entire industry is in trouble, there’s only so much you can do.  Praying and crossing my fingers.


Let me state this very clearly:  I adore Danny Gokey.  He’s sweet, dedicated to his charity, hot as heck, and talented for days.  Up through the final three, I voted for Danny the most, and Kris Allen second.  And Danny came in third overall.  Okay, I had to pick up my pouty bottom lip and move on. And of course from that point, EVERY vote I cast – SEVERAL hundred of them, btw – then went for fellow Arkansan Kris Allen.  I’d always pulled for the guy, because he too is talented, charming, and just a nice guy.  And he lives about two hours down the road from me, so DUH, of course that’s who I’m going to vote for. Even though he was the underdog, I didn’t care.  He deserved to win.

I do not hate Adam Lambert by ANY means.  The kid can sing his eyeliner off.  And I hope that the rumors about Queen being interested in him are true, and that it works out for them.  BUT, he is NOT a “rock GOD!” (no matter what Kara gushed); he’s a 27-year-old kid who has a long way to go in the tough machine that is Stardom.  I wish him much luck.

What I DO have a problem with are two things:  1.  The judges wrote Kris off and declared Adam the winner.  It’s almost as if they saw Kris and Danny as a package deal, and were ready to send them both packing the same week.  I hope this teaches them not to write off a contestant just because he’s not glitzy.  The nice guy can win.

2.  My biggest problem with this year’s American Idol is this:  all the haters.  Talk about your sore losers.  Just because Adam didn’t win, we have to hear things like “major upset,” “America got it wrong,” “the Christians rigged the vote,” and other hateful things.  Kris Allen has an AMAZING voice, great charm, strong talent, and a loyal fan base.  Let it go.  Stop posting such derogitory things about a really great artist.  Funny, these haters are the ones that are going to be doing everything they can to get to meet Kris should he come to their area.  Sad.

I know, it’s just a singing competition. I have heard everything from, “If as many people voted in the Presidential election as voted on American Idol….” or wondering “how many of the American Idol/Kris Allen fans ever get that excited about worshiping the one who died for them.” But still, I just get tired of people hating.  Congratulations, Kris.  You DESERVE the win.

So, I guess this isn’t much of a restart, but I had to jump in somewhere, right? :oD

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  1. Wes says:

    This time of year is usually tumultuous for me as well, so I know what you mean about expecting disaster and mayhem. And with the sunlight sparkling off the grey hairs when I do out with the top down, I believe I may be close to parting with that delusional notion that I’m holding tight on 28, so this week I believe I will turn *gasp* 29. On top of travelling this week – to Mexico no less! – yeah…shaping up to be a typical holiday weekend for both of us.

    Hope you get to feeling better.

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