Yes, to the chagrin of my dear beloved Nick I am afraid I have to post my take on this week’s American Idol.  I know you held out hope for me to rise above the mediocrity, my friend, but I have to have something to distract me.


1.  Matt.  He did a very good job!  Justin Timberlake would be proud! Four votes.

2.  Kris.  Yes, he’s from just down the road, and that could be part of the reason I vote for him.  But I think that no, there’s more to it than that.  The kid has a very crystalline voice, and he can play the guitar too.  Eight votes!

3.  Scott.  Sorry.  Just didn’t feel it.  Zero votes.

4.  Megan.  Ugh.  Bad song choice.  Wrong attitude.  I didn’t forgive her for last week’s massacre of “Walking After Midnight” (She sang it while she was SMILING?!  Have you LISTENED to Patsy Cline?  That song is about a woman going out SEARCHING FOR LOVE…and she wasn’t all chipper about it either, girlie.) So this week was no better for me.  She has an amazing jazzy voice… she should use that. Can I subtract votes? Negative seven.

5.  Anoop.  Yes, I didn’t like this child at first.  But between last week and this week.. ANOOP!  Great job! Four Votes!

6.  Michael.  Honey, go home.  You miss your daughter, go hang out with her til the tour starts.  Zero votes.

7. Lil.  YAY LIL!  I like her because a) she’s from Memphis and b) she’s got so much heart.  I think I’d cry too if I got to go visit the home of Motown.  So yes, this was ‘her week’ for many reasons.  Unfortunately, her vocal did seem a bit pushed.  I think it was emotion and nerves, though.  She looked flawless, and she did deliver a powerful performance, so of course I voted for her! Five votes!

8.  Adam.  I was prepared to subtract votes for him as well this week.  I’m not Adam’s biggest fan.  From the night he screeched “Satisfaction”, I just didn’t feel it.  So last week, when he did that rendition of “Ring of Fire”  – the one that made me cringe until I realized it was up to interpretation – I was willing the whole of America to send him home.  And then tonight he did a Smokey CLASSIC and I was about ready to jump through the screen…and then he started singing.  And he did it WELL.  So much so that yes, he got POSITIVE feedback from me.  Two votes! (He doesn’t need more than that from me…the teenagers LOVE him!)

9.  Danny.  Okay, might I say he’s the cutest, hottest contestant this season?  Yes, between the square glasses, the killer grin, the spiky hair, the strong build…mmm.  He’s not bad on the eyes.  And his performance was upbeat and fun.  NINE votes!!!

10.  Allison.  Little spunky pink-haired rocker chick who made “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” a haunting anthem?  HECK YES!!!  Five votes.

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