Good Evening! I just wanted to send a short shout-out to the person who decided they wanted to change the password to this blog:  LEAVE IT ALONE!!! This is my blog, not yours, and I do not appreciate you trying to come in and steal what is mine. It isn’t much, but I am very proud of it and you can’t have it.

Thank you,



About Tracey

Not much to tell, but stick around surely something will come up!

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  1. robbinlynn says:

    Wasn’t me!

    Just wanted you to know I was still reading. 🙂

    • Fossie says:

      Thank ya, Bri! I knew it wasn’t YOU who was trying to steal my blog…YOU’d be one of the ones to help me THUG DOWN the perp! LOL! Glad you’re still here.

  2. Missi says:

    OMG!!! No way. Somebody has some serious cahones(spelling???) I love you girl and miss you miserably.

  3. Bryan says:

    Needs to smash somebody?

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