It’s ok to be who you are. It’s ok to desire what you desire. 

In fact, it is more than ok. It is truly wonderful. 

For in those things that bring you joy, you’ll find your greatest opportunities to give to life. In the genuine reality of who you are, you’ll discover how to be the best you can be. 

What means more to you than anything? Honestly explore that question, and you’ll connect to a powerful, undeniable purpose. 

You are a beautiful person with a perspective on life that is uniquely yours. Explore and fulfill the special possibilities that are alive in you. 

Be who you are and create the unique joys that are yours to give. The beauty of life is what you know it to be. 

— Ralph Marston

My friend Matthew sent that to me last week.  Seems like I’ve gotten bogged down in the day-to-day grind and somehow have lost a bit of my sparkle.  It does my heart so much good to see that someone I care about not only NOTICES the mainstreaming of me, but takes the time out of his schedule to ENCOURAGE me to revisit some of my happiness.   I think the part that makes me think the most is the part about “a perspective on life that is uniquely yours.”  That’s pretty neat, if you ask me!  I am most assuredly unique, but now it’s like it’s really OKAY to be different.

And then this one sentence just spoke to my soul:

Be who you are and create the unique joys that are yours to give.

That is something that an artist needs to hear from someone she respects. We artsy people take such a risk by putting our creations out there…they come from the depths of our beings, and when someone criticizes them, it’s painful.  Almost like a personal affront. You can only take so much before you just retreat back to the safe zone where nobody can hurt you.

After reading and reflecting up this, I realize that maybe it’s time to find my way back out there.  Pick up the ol’ brush and canvas and just do something.  ANYTHING.  If nothing else, I can brush up on my skills (catch the pun?) so Regan and I can work on a project like I’ve promised her. THAT would be a blast – working with my girl on some art!!!

Thank you Matthew, for sending these beautiful words to me.  I didn’t even realize that I needed it!!

I hope that anyone else who reads this is also uplifted.  Don’t be afraid to be uniquely you.


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  1. Andi says:

    Heyyy… I needed this. Thanks! =)

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