I generally try to be sunshiney, and that is doubly true when it comes to my blog.  Readers don’t tune in to hear someone rehash or ponder ad nauseam how awful life can be.  So, most of the time what you see here at Fossie’s Blogglings is usually upbeat, cheerful, hopeful and most times bubbly.

But not today.  Or at least not for this post. Please bear with me.

What a bizarre few weeks this has been.  Layoffs at work.  Ice storms. Power outages.  Unexpected deaths. Unrelenting illnesses. It just seems like we are in a downward spiral.  I’m just wondering when things are going to right themselves.  The “if-thens” keep leading to more unhappiness.  Maybe, just maybe if one thing would go right for SOMEONE, then it would kick things back into gear, we could get our traction, and somehow begin to pull ourselves out of this mess.  

I mean for example, last night I was at Wal-Mart.  And in the check-out line, there was a little old lady right in front of me, probably about 80 years old or so.  And she didn’t look very robust.  Well, I glanced down and noticed that her shoe was untied.  So I told her, “Hun, your shoe is untied…you might want to be careful before you take off.” And she was, “Oh, wow, uh..” and then began to shift around to try to figure out how she could get her balance, put her purse down, and get to tie her shoe.  Well, I, being me, said, “Here, I’ve got it.” and I put my purse on the conveyor belt, bent down, and tied her shoe for her.  When I stood back up, she just kinda looked at me funny.

Now I ask you, did she look at me funny because it was a dumb thing to do, or because people just don’t do that kind of stuff anymore? Did I do something wrong?  I mean, I wouldn’t have wanted either of my Grandma’s walking around with potentially hazardous untied shoes, would you?

I relate that story to prove a point…even random acts of kindness aren’t accepted these days, let alone welcomed.  Have we gotten to a point in the aftermath of all the recent traumas that we just can’t find a way to start picking ourselves up? Anybody got any insight?


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  1. Bob Hays says:

    I lived in Chicago for 17 years, and I learned that you don’t make eye contact with people on the street – its just not safe in a large city.

    Now I live outside LA, and people make eye contact and even initiate conversations with me at unusual (for me) moments. I like this.

    Perhaps some of what you’re experiencing is localized?

    And in addition I’m certain that random kindness is not as common as it once was; I experience the same reactions when I help someone hold things at their car or put luggage in the overhead bin for smaller, frailer folks (I’m pretty robust, er, okay, fat).

    And I see a reduction of politeness at the office too.

    I feel like I should break into a version of the SNL skits where the old guy ends with “…. and we LIKED IT like that!” as I think all this is not related to the current death spiral of the economy but instead has been coming on for decades.

  2. Kit says:

    sometimes the world seems to overwhelms us with it’s never ending path to entropy. i can’t take it if i think too much on it.
    when i get like this, i remember that i can only focus on what i can control, otherwise it’s unhealthy to try to fix everything or assume that i can.

    some eldery folks like to keep their independence as long as possible, i’m wondering if she felt a little insulted when you did that for her? i’m just guessing here.

    just remember that you’re friends love you dearly and are here for you.

  3. Bryan says:

    Well if she didn’t hit you with her purse I’m guessing that’s a good sign. Maybe she was taken aback that somebody actually cared enough about another human being to help out. Your kinda cool like that.

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