So this has been a heck of a week.  Ice storms raged through our region pretty heavily on Tuesday night.  The sheriff in a nearby city lost his life in a horrible accident while out helping others. The schools are all closed, the grocery stores have lost tons of food due to power outages, and several of my coworkers are without power.  My BFF doesn’t have power either, and they are telling her it could be 3 weeks before she does. (*hug* to Missi.)

Icy Trees

Icy Trees

How about me?  Nope.  We have no power.  It went out around 8 p.m. Tuesday night, and has not come back since.  I have this scary limb laying on top of my house (while still attached to the tree it branches from) and I’m scared it’s gonna break loose and crash through my bedroom roof. Into the recently and fabulously remodeled closet, by the by…

But for some reason, I can’t muster up any “OH MY GOSH THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END!” inner panic.  And there are two reasons for that:  Ed and Elizabeth.

Ed called on Tuesday and asked if we had power.  And we said no. He said to come on over, but we toughed it out in the cold Tuesday night at our house.  (Because, of course the power is going to come on soon, and there is no reason to uproot husband and dogs to go impose on loved ones…..) We wake up Wednesday morning to a very cold home and no sign of electricity. Add to that the fact that Tuesday night was spent waking at every crack, whirr, swish and kaboom that came by my window…of which there were SEVERAL.  

So, Wednesday at lunch, Ed calls back to check on us, and we tell him no, there is no heat and no power. At which point he asks what time we are coming over. And tells us to bring the dogs. And our clothes and anything else we want to have handy to play with – laptops, games, whatever.

And then Elizabeth calls to find out what time she needs to leave work to come meet us at their house to let us in, also making sure we are bringing the dogs.


Broken Trees

Broken Trees

This is now Friday, and there is still no sign of power in our neighborhood.  Our neighbors are watching our place for us (the ones who have gas heat have stayed home) and making sure everything is safe. Our friends have insisted that we stay as long as we need to.  Their dog and our dog have become BFF’s, and the puppy is loving being snuggled up to any of us who will hold him (which is EVERYONE!)


I hate winter.  Ice scares me.  Things are bleak and people are sad.  But I am safe, warm, dry, clean, and happy.  My family is taken care of and well-fed.  So I am thankful for the blessings God has given me, that all of my folks are okay and safe. And I am thankful for family.  

Ed and Elizabeth, I will never be able to tell you what this means to us.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking us in and taking care of our needs and bolstering our spirits.  

Oh, yeah, and GO CARDINALS!!! (What, you think just because there’s a national disaster upon us that we aren’t going to be ALL OVER some SUPERBOWL?!)

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  1. Missi says:

    You have an amazingly great attitude BFF. I am SOOOOO proud of you. This will all be over soon and something to laugh about. I love you and sure will miss you this weekend.

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