A bit of history:  I have a Boston Terrier named Haynesworth.  Yes, named after Albert Haynesworth of the Titans.  Anyway, Haynesworth is my baby, and has been for five years.  He is the most charming, goofy, and entertaining dog.  See? haynesworthcrop

He loved our cat Fluffy with all his little puppy heart.  Well, we had to have Fluffy put to sleep back in the late summer.  Ever since, Haynesworth has been a little sad.  So, we decided to get him a puppy.

Enter Pugsley, a bigger, older Pug that Mike rescued up at the lake.  We brought him home, and he and Haynesworth did NOT get along. They tried, but Pugsley decided that I belonged to him and that Haynesworth couldn’t have anything to do with me.  Long story short, Pugsley now lives with a widowed lady who dotes on him, and he on her.

As such, we decided that Haynesworth maybe was NOT in need of a puppy, and was rather using Fluffy’s passing to play on our sympathies and earn him more treats and special considerations.  (Yes, he is that smart. Don’t be fooled.) So, we were going to be a one-dog family.

And then came last Friday.  At 4 p.m. My old friend Bill Summers comes over and tells me that he just got word of a 10 week old Boston Terrier puppy that was dropped off at Animal Control, and that if he wanted him, he should come get him ASAP.  Bill, having lost HIS beloved Boston Terrier several months back, had already gone and gotten another dog; therefore they simply couldn’t take on another pup.  Having heard this, I said, “If you don’t want him, I do.” After a few hurried phone calls, bing-bam-boom, Mike meets me in the parking lot when I get off work, with our new family member in hand.  

So now, without further delay……Bruce.  The new puppy. How cute can he be?!?!?



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2 responses »

  1. alkdoz2006 says:

    Aw, both of them are so cute. The name Bruce reminds me of Matilda.

  2. Bryan says:

    Ok, so he is so much cuter in that pic than the other one I saw. Me likey.

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