titanhelmetposterAnyone who knows even the smallest thing about me should know three facts:

1. I love to laugh.
2. I love my friends.
3. I love the Tennessee Titans.

And, this love of the Titans is wrapped up in my love for two particular guys:  Ed Belly, and Albert Haynesworth.

Ed is like a little brother to me, and is my Football Obi Wan.  I have a question, Ed has the answers.  HE loves the Titans, so when I started watching Football, naturally that’s who we rooted for.

You must understand something.  Ed is probably one of the kindest people ever put on this planet.  He is full of life and laughter, and can make me smile faster than just about anyone. (Like I said, he’s the brother I always wanted!) So, watching football means hanging with Ed (and his equally-adored wife Elizabeth!!), which is one of the greatest joys in my life. Football=happiness.

Well, as I watched the Titans, something dawned on me.  The reason Ed likes these guys is because they have heart.  And they play hard and fair.  And they are gentlemen. They have gone from being “Ed’s Team” to “Our Team” and “My Team” because of the sheer amount of passion they put into the game. Playing with the Fans

At the center of this passion is Albert Haynesworth.  Defensive Tackle. He’s the cutest little thing!

Having Some Fun

I just want to hug him! (For those of you not in the know, Albert is 6’6″, and 320-sumpthin pounds. And he has a mean game face. But I still want to invite him over for dinner and hang out and invite him into the family.) Yes, I know most people only know him for the whole “stomping incident.” Yes, he has had temper issues, but he is working very hard on it!

So, what has prompted me to write this post?  Well, rumor has it that since Albert has met all of his incentives, he is now on Free Agency, which means he could possibly leave my beloved Titans to go pursue more bank.  And do I blame him? No.  But I just don’t want him to leave Tennessee.  He is needed there. *I* need him there.  So maybe if enough of us stand up and say, “HEY OWNERS! LOOK AT ALBERT!”, maybe we’ll get to keep him.

Am I bothered that my Titans were stopped in their quest for the Superbowl win?  Of course. Ed, Elizabeth and I are all crushed, simply because the way our playoff game against the Ravens went down.  We were not pleased with the mistakes made, nor with the officiating TRAVESTY. We should be watching the Titans play against the Steelers right now.  But since we aren’t, we are rooting for the Steelers to STOMP the Ravens.  There is no way those criminals need to have a chance to go to the Bowl after the dirty way they treated my Titans.  So, for tonight, it’s “GO STEELERS!” During the Superbowl it’s going to be, “GO CARDINALS!”.

But forever in my heart, it’s “GO ALBERT!” and with Ed and Elizabeth right there with me, it will always be,  “GO TITANS!!!”


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