So it’s Thursday  night, post-Grey’s, pre-asleep, and my weekend is pretty much planned.  This both excites and scares me. Exciting because WOO HOO, I am blessed with things to do and friends with which to do them. Scary because good grief, it’s a lot crammed into one weekend!  Observe:


  • Go to work.  Well, that shoots 8 hours plus right there.  How dare responsibilty get in the way of my slackerly lifestyle!
  • Possibly going out to dinner with Chels and Adam, depending on whether things go well with her sister’s admission into the hospital. We MAY go to Josie’s – a fantastic bar and grill with killer karaoke. However, that’s about 30 minutes away.  Not usually a factor, but it is now because…


  • We are getting up way early to go help a friend who is in a bad way.  She stood by her husband throughout all his drug addictions, legal troubles, and alienation of her friends for over six years.  A few months ago, he goes and gets a new job, hooks up with a supervisor and bing bang boom, HE files for divorce.  That’s right, the guy that my friend supported while he was being completely selfish, immoral, and irresponsible, decided that HE was going to leave HER.  With their two kids, by the way.  SO, in good news, HIS parents are standing behind HER one hundred percent.  Letting her and the kids stay in the family’s home where they’ve always lived.  THEREFORE, Mike and I are heading to her city to help her clean sweep her entire house – outside too – to get rid of all traces of his living there.  And we’re going to stay down there until about 3.
  • Then we are heading back here to clean up and
  • Head to Ed and Elizabeth’s to watch our Tennessee Titans whoop up on the Baltimore Ravens, and move up in the playoffs! Then, after we do a victory dance,
  • We head over to Bobby and Missi’s to catch up and check in on them.  Missi seems to be doing as well as she can, considering that we just lost her Mom. Then, when Scott and Mer call
  • We are going to go meet up with them and, depending on the time, either go back to Bobby and Missi’s, or head on home. I’m sure we’ll stay up for a bit and then we’ll go to sleep because


  • Mike and I are going to get up and go to church while Scott and Mer go work on helping our friend continue to clean out the house. Then
  • We will head down to the friend’s to help cleaning up.  Hopefully we will be done fairly early in the evening. After we leave there we are going to go home and clean up and then
  • Head over to catch up with Bryan and Madds hopefully for Sunday dinner, or if nothing else just to hang for a while.
  • Then we come home and pass out!

See, a JAM PACKED weekend!!! My only regret:  I don’t get to see my Andi. 😦


About Tracey

Not much to tell, but stick around surely something will come up!

5 responses »

  1. Andi says:

    This all sounds… So exciting. So, I guess I’ll talk to you next week!

  2. Fossie says:

    Yeah, right…you will talk to me WAYYY before that! 😀

  3. Andi says:

    Are you a fortune teller? We will see!

  4. Fossie says:

    Hey, I predicted, uh, um, well, I am SURE I predicted SOMETHING in the past that came true….Prediction ability, yes. Retention, no.

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