Well, I’m afraid I’ve adopted another two things to play with on ye ol’ web.

First, I am now on Twitter and it is a HOOT!  You get on there and slap up a line about what you are doing.  Then, people find you and then they FOLLOW you, and you can follow them too and keep up with what they are doing.  It’s kinda like a non-creepy stalking kind of thing. It is so much fun! I’ve caught up with my real-life buddies, and a couple of folks who thought I was neat enough to follow. Did I mention fun?  Yes, big time.  If you go sign up, find me…I’m fossiesteele.

Then, thanks to my old friend Jocelyn (who I MUST link to here one day), I have been introduced to Chore Wars So it’s kind of like those RPG’s that we’ve been hooked into on Facebook, EXCEPT, the way you earn gold and experience are by doing things in your real life.  I’m telling you, I just can’t describe it properly here…you HAVE to go check it out. Look me up there if you come over too….my username is Fossie.

Okay, enough about ME…tell me about you. How was YOUR day?


About Tracey

Not much to tell, but stick around surely something will come up!

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