Mr. Steele

Mr. Steele

So, Mikey is a science teacher.  And he wanted to give each of the kids in his homeroom a small gift for Christmas. The gifts cannot be large or expensive, but teachers are allowed to do something for the kids if they wish.  Considering all things, Mikey came up with the idea of doing a bookmark for them. (Apparently sixth graders LOVE bookmarks.) He wanted to add two or three of his favorite quotes, make it pretty and get the bookmarks made.

So I get excited at this prospect and ask what I can do to help.  And the following concept was born:  I draw Mr. Steele at the chalkboard, then we block out the quotes in colorful blocks with an icon by each:  a beaker, a pink flamingo (the class is in love with them right now), and a set of goggles.

WELL, see, this concept was born Wednesday night.  He needed the bookmarks for Friday morning.  So, I started on the sketch of him Thursday at lunch.  Then I stayed late Thursday night and got this finished.  I had then planned on coming home and making the actual bookmarks.  But when I got home, I find my very sick husband sitting under a stack of tests that had to be graded, PLUS we had to get his other teacher presents and get them wrapped.  So, the plan of bookmarks for the kids got derailed.  (We wound up making them packs of pencils with an ornament instead. They LOVED them!)

But, I at least got to draw Mikey, and I think it turned out pretty good.  I am going to use this on something eventually, but for now, I just wanted to share him here.

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  1. Bryan says:

    Wow, either that chalkboard is huge or Mikey is really small, lol. Looks really cool you should do more of those. Like for the entire cast of Highlander would be cool. Yep, that would rock.

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