So right now, it’s going pretty good.  As of 5 p.m. tomorrow I AM ON VACATION until JANUARY 5th!!!!! I haven’t had this much time off at once since the summer before my last year of high school!!! I think that maybe it’s time to do some posting on the ol’ blog-a-roonie here.

But for the most part, I’m better.  I’m breathing.  I think I’ve got it all worked out with all parties involved, so everything is back on track. Thank goodness, because I can’t live without any of the three of them.

I DO miss my Sunday nights, though.  But maybe, in time…

And I had absolutely no idea what a huge bearing some people have on my life.  In a good way, I think.  But it’s scary to come that close to losing something you hold so precious.

Ever wish people could really tell you exactly what’s going on in their heads? In their hearts?  What holds them back:  fear? inability to properly formulate what they are thinking? not caring if they ever let anyone inside? You know, there are times when I really DO wish I was a mind reader.  Then I could know for sure…

In other news:  I have a want: FUNKEES.  I’m not sure if the games are even any good or not, but I think I want to try the game system.  THEY ARE SUCH CUTE CREATURES!!!! They’ll look cute on my dressing table either way…I hope Santa brings me some…

You know, sometimes a friend of mine makes me think I’m not a very good person.  He reminds me how selfish I am.  But is it okay for me to wish for just that one thing? Yes, this is another subject Cindy and I are working on.

Oh well, I’m off to go wrap presents! Mikey has his teacher Christmas party tomorrow, and he has to grade papers tonight, so I’m going to wrap his gifts for him to take to school tomorrow.  I hope I do a good enough job.


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