Isn’t it amazing how life ebbs and flows?

I have strep.  I have been at work approximately two hours this week, plus the time I’ve worked from home. It sucks having strep, because you can’t be around anyone, and if you ARE around anyone, you feel horribly guilty and fear for their health and safety.  Well, at least while you have fever.  Mine broke this afternoon around 2 p.m.  Which is good, because I am tired of being sick.  Time off is fun, yes.  But time off in a sicky state is not.  Besides, I have a ton of stuff to do.

But my fever did break, allowing me to get to go somewhere very special tonight. We had our Team Leaders meeting for VBS.  I am getting to help out with VBS for the first time ever in my life. AND, I am Co-Leader over the crafts!  YAY!  Oh, and you should see the stuff we get to do!  I cannot wait! I am so excited.

Also, there has been something that has been a big weight on my heart.  So, I finally screwed up my courage and talked to the right people (via email) and it was such a good thing. Come to find out, they had been worried about ME but didn’t want to approach me for fear of hurting my feelings.  So we are getting it all worked out. THANKFULLY!! It’s just one of those cool things that’s divinely inspired.

Tomorrow, I get to go back to work and find out what all I’ve missed.  And then tomorrow night, I get to go shopping with Kerri and Elaine to buy the supplies for our annual Omelette Breakfast on Saturday.  We then meet the rest of the crew at church with all the stuff and then get to spend a while in prep.  Then Staturday morning, we make omelettes for about four hours to raise money for NARAN, the Northeast Arkansas Regional Aids Network.  Last year we did it for our local women’s shelter, and raised something like $700 after expenses.  Not sure how much we’ll raise this year, considering pre-sales are down… many more folks said they wanted to buy at the door.  It’s always a lot of work, but a lot of fun and for a very worthy cause.  And I get to hang out with friends, so that’s very cool.

And, last but not least, I get to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary on Sunday.  He’s kept me for ELEVEN years.  My gosh..where has the time gone?


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