Hi Y’all….well, here I am, back from the holiday and a much-needed trip to the lake. Now, granted, we worked a good bit, as it was also my father-in-law’s 60th birthday. And since we went up to the lake with my in-law’s and all of their friends (WONDERFUL PEOPLE, btw.), we threw Dad a good party. We ate outside under the pavilion, and had AMAZING jambalaya and home made bread. We also had TONS of hors d’oeuvres, of which preparing, plating, and presenting was part of what I worked on. Of course I love doing that kind of thing, so it was fun even if it was work. Oh, and we decorated it all up too.On the 4th, we had a great time….”The Clique” got together for burgers, dogs, and lots of fun. The guys went and saw “Transformers” while we girls (and Drew!) went and saw “License to Wed.” All parties involved enjoyed their movies very much. Didn’t get to see any big fireworks, though, as they didn’t start them til TEN O’CLOCK that night! Mike had to be in class at SEVEN-THIRTY the next morning, so that was a bit late to be out the night before. We figured the displays wouldn’t be over til after eleven, plus having to wait for the crowds to thin out and get through all the traffic… ugh. So, we headed home about 8. It was a good good day.My baby cousin turns 19 years old today, so I wish for her the happiest of days. It is so funny: in my head, Andi is still a giggly, cuddly little cherub with blonde curls and dimples and big blue eyes. Yet I have this wonderful, charming, intelligent confidante that I talk to almost every day, and consider her a very dear friend on top of being my baby cousin. But it trips me out that the first image that pops in my head when I think “Andi” is of the beautiful little four-year-old, instead of this beautiful woman. How the mind works is amazing!I have a theory about self-image. I feel that when you have your first, or perhaps most profound, self-realization, it is as if your brain takes a snapshot of who you are at that exact moment of realization. From then on, your brain uses that snapshot as a reference point as to who you are. You continue to see yourself at that point forever, or until you have another profound moment in your life. Apparently my brain took a snapshot when I was about 17, because that was when Andi was born, and sometimes I act like I am still 17!Now how did we get here in this blog? I have no clue! I guess that means its time to wrap up today’s comments. Have a great day!


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