I am a Southern-born-and-bred female who has a duality of allegiances:  I am a Cajun Transplanted Arkie.  Born in Arkansas, raised in Southern Louisiana, and uprooted and brought back to Arkansas.  In that migration pattern, I realized that I am a Foodaholic. Both cultures have AMAZING food, so being moved between the two gave me the passion for both cooking and eating.

And in that realization, I became a rather large girl.  Or at least one who has struggled with weight issues. But the problem is:  I DO love food.  Not to the binge-and-purge stage, by any means. But I do enjoy my steak and baked potato, with mushrooms on the side, and if you just happen to have a hot fudge cake nearby, sure, pile it on too. OR of COURSE I’ll take a second helping of your Crawfish Etouffe or Red Beans and Rice, thank you very much, ma’am. And don’t get me started on the pecan pralines or bread pudding.  Chocolate gravy and biscuits for breakfast?  YES, PLEASE! 

 Well, you see where I am going with this. Pardon me while I delicately dab the corner of my mouth with my napkin….

 Because of my blatant love of edible delights, coupled with my constant reminder that even Lane Bryant tops out at a certain size clothing, I have become very calorie/fat/carb aware in years of late.  Once tipping the scales at over 300 pounds, I am well below that now.  And it’s because I am ALWAYS trying to watch what I eat. 

 THEREFORE, it absolutely tripped me out when I read Hungry Girl’s post on Yahoo regarding a nummy-fine dessert that I would have surely eaten at our local Chili’s this coming Saturday night. Check this:

Chili’s – Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie
(1,600 calories, 78g fat, 950mg sodium, 215g carbs, 6g fiber, 19g protein)
We’re not gonna lie: This buttery, sweet, multi-layered bar topped with vanilla ice cream and more tastes insanely good. But even if you split it with a pal, you’re still gonna be inhaling 800 calories and nearly 40 grams of fat!

1600 FRIGGIN CALORIES?!?! 78 grams of FAT?  Ugh…. someone call the doctor, cuz I think I’m about to have an apoplexy or a hissy fit or something.  GOOD GRIEF! No wonder we are the most obese country in the world.  OR are we? I keep hearing that we are.  It’s no wonder, what with us ripping open bags of sugar and pouring them down our throats faster than we can say, “Can I get a large diet Coke with this?”

Bottom line: even foodaholics can figure out when enough is enough.


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  1. Robbin says:

    You should have seen me when I found out that the syrup I was putting on my pancakes had more calories than the pancake. I learned to like sugar-free syrup fast.

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