That is, if my LIFE is a coin. Because lately it seems as if a flip of the coin is the indicator of how things are going. Observe:Heads: As you may recall, I had really been down on things yesterday that involved my art in my career. It got worse around here after my post, believe me. So much so, in fact, that I was going to go home and have a nice visit with my old friend Crown and Coke. A long, long visit. But when I got home, Route 44 Sonic Coke in hand, I got to thinking that for some reason I didn’t want to drown my sorrows. SO….Tails: I decide to say “Screw it” and just for once forgot about work. And I focused on my house. I cleaned the kitchen. I hung up the ever-present pile of clean clothes in the chair in my bedroom. I thew away stuff that should have been trashed weeks ago. And I felt better. And I resolved that not everyone is your friend, not everyone is your fan, and there is ALWAYS going to be someone who dislikes you or what you do. No matter HOW HARD you try, you CANNOT please everyone. Yes, it is true.. I have FINALLY figured that out after 36 years of banging my head on the subject. Dad was right. Mom was right.Heads: I come in to work this morning, ready to not take things to heart. So far, so good. I had a close call where someone almost got me going, but luckily they were called away and never restarted the conversation. Tails: Then I get news from my Mom that my Dad indeed does have to have surgery after all on a work-related injury. Okay, so that in itself gets me going. But the real thing that gets me going is that WEEKS ago when this happened, they casually dismissed his injuries with a basic “la-la” and sent him on his way, saying that no, no surgery required. And now, after FINALLY getting a specialist involved, NOW they say he has to have the operation… something that should have been resolved during the aforementioned WEEKS ago. And all because my Dad tried to save someone else from great injury. I wonder if “someone else” even said, “thank you.”I’m getting dizzy with all the coin flipping, so I’ll stop. But you see what I mean now. I suppose all of us go through this, so lately it must be my time to deal with it. I think I’ve done so with a minimum amount of whining.But then I go to lunch with Drew Drew, and suddenly I’m laughing again….flip, flip, flip.


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